Ecologically Active, Environmentally sound - Saving water, saving energy and saving plastic are our main ecological investments. Added to that we are totally integrated into our surrounding community with all staff from the village, and involvement in local social activities such as Beach cleanups etc.
Here is how we do it.
Carbon footprint - we are introducing Solar power (scheduled to be fitted February 2020) to cover ALL our electric needs, and sell electricity back to the grid to give back to nature.

Water - we recycle all of our waste water, using no chemicals and no electricity.
Our pool is filled with semiSaline water which means less chemicals to clean it, and we aren't using useable water to fill.
Our toilets are adjustable to use less water per fill.

Composting - we compost all our organic waste , and put it back into the soil.

Plastic - we supply steel straws and water bottles for our guests, and give free drinking water refills to anyone who needs it as part of an eco initiative (, as well as lufas and coconut fibre dish scrubbers (which we also use in the kitchens) to help people avoid using Plastic based sponges. Thus we keep our plastic waste to a minimum and provide products for our guests to do the same.
eco bottle straw refillale water bottle
Waste sorting / recycling - we sending ALL of our Inorganic waste to a sorting and recycling facility where it goes to a Bank Sampah for final sorting and recycling, reusing, etc. We also use no Palm Oil, and take part in cleanups against Plastic waste;
The restaurant Our Gardens

The Solar Generator is a state of the art system, using the latest Solar panels, and LIion Batteries for a much longer life.
All of our water is recycled in our Artificial Reedbeds (wetlands), which use no chemicals or power to completely clean the water. Its a perfect, natural system, where after pre-processing in the purpose designed Anaerobic Septic tanks clean the water (in Anaerobic baffled reactors, an efficient design anaerobic bacteria through 6 chambers) then the water moves slowly through gravel filled Reed Beds, using anearobic and aerobic bacteria and plants to clean it 100% naturally. This system is called a Constructed Wetland, and is used by governments and communities worldwide to efficiently and naturally sanitise waste water the world over.
It uses no chemicals and only one small pump to water the gardens.
Thus all our waste water is clean enough to be used on the gardens in dry season.