SCUBA diving - Menjangan, Secret Bay, Purijati, Tulamben
diving menjangan Divecentre nemo menjagan
Menjangan is unmissable for anyone visiting Bali, snorkellers and scuba divers alike. The gentle conditions
and varied underwater world offer many different sites, soft Aquarium diving, drift diving around coral
canyons, to a 40m sheer wall with huge fans and teeming with life.
frogfish diving bali mantis shrimp

The traditional Banyuwedang Harbour lies only 150m away where a charming 40-minute boat ride will take
you along the coast to the reefs of Menjangan Island - you may see Dolphins or even Whales - for some of
the worlds best diving/snorkelling experiences..
clarks anemone fish Ptereaolidia menjangan divetrip bannerfish

Menjangan is great for snorkellers, beginner- or experienced divers; with the about 20 divesites, theres
plenty for everyone! With all sorts of macro- and small critters to offer, from frogfish, nudis of course,
scorpion fish, seasnakes, octopus and squid...etc etc.
scuba menjangan turtle batu ampar popcorn shrimp

Also great spots for more experienced divers, are Secret Bay, or Puri Jati. Both are muck-dives,
with delights like Ghost Pipefish, Seahorses (big and pigmy), Bangai Cardinal fish, frogfish, mimic
octopus - etc. These are 30-40 mins away, but Prices include transport and equipment .
diving menjangan pyjamama cardinal fish pyjamama cardinal fish pyjamama cardinal fish
Just in the bays mouth (10 minutes from our harbour) is Mandarin Point - sunset dives with Pyjama
cardinalfish, and romantic mandarinfish!
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Our partner divecentre is Ocean Dreams, known for top standards of safety and friendly . The Divemasters
are all very experienced locals, trained by the Swiss IT (SSI) at Ocean Dreams. Thats why they have proper
standards of safety and coral conservation, as well as service, which many say is not normal in other
divecentres; Groups are maximim 4 to a guide, or even less, to ensure a good experience.
After diving we come the sort 150m trip back to the diveshop (we take your gear!) and wash everything here
in our private facility.
Menjangan is also great for Scuba courses, from beginner to professional levels, all are available at Ocean Dreams.
Enter the Ocean Dreams website for prices and conditions, contact and information.

SCUBA Courses start from 2 days for Scuba Diver,, or 4 days for the Open Water Diver course (this can be
shortened by using the Online Learning system - try SSI - its the best available and its FREE!!) - to get your
Open Water Diver certificate with Ocean Dreams
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