• In this uncertain time, we are being asked to isolate ourselves, to reduce contact with other people.
    We are happy to say, we can make this a more pleasant experience.
    Here is how we do it.
    Our resort layout means you can regulate how much contact you have with other people, as it is entirely open plan until you enter your room. To increase your safety, we have started the following.
  • Our staff are all monitored for symptoms and temperature every day, and we monitor their family at home too.
  • All visitors / staff must wash their hands immediately on entering the hotel.
  • All orders arriving from outside, are washed before they come inside.
  • Staff are educated on how the virus spreads, handwashing techniques, etc.

    To increase your personal Distancing while still enjoying the pool, surrounds, restaurant etc, we also offer this;
  • a reserved table in the restaurant. Nobody else will sit at your table during your stay, and it will be thoroughly cleaned regulalrly.
  • a reserved sun-lounger or beanbag (depending on availability). During all your stay it will be reserved for you.
  • for Cottage reservations, the Balai is reserved exclusively for your use.
    Tables, sunloungers, balai etc will be cleaned thoroughly every day.
    virus distancing Garden Sofas Our Gardens

    For those wanting more complete isolation:-
  • Take all meals on the terrace of your room. Your room will only be cleaned when you ask.
    SUperior Batu Ampar ECO bali The restaurant